Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What I Learned at Harvard

I recently went to the Harvard Medical School Coaching conference, thanks to my generous friend Patty. (I now have a certificate with the Harvard crest on it...).

Here is what I discovered ... much of what is current in coaching circles are things that we followers of Jesus should already know. Meditation ... gratitude...mindfulness ... positivity... having a mission bigger than yourself ... community... all these are practices that the Christian community has known for centuries. I came away feeling that while Christians have been chasing management and programs, business has been discovering the value of investing in human beings.

So I am going to be posting a series of reflections on the practices of our life with God ... by which I mean a life that is truly and fully human. More about that later!


Anonymous said...

looking forward to hearing more..

Pat & Karen said...

Wow, Carolyn! Great words for us who carry organizational responsibility. We need to do it well and yet...the pendulum swings!