Friday, April 22, 2011

A Little Doggy Message

This morning my prayers included this:
"Thou that knowest our thoughts, make Thyself known to our hearts."

A month ago, a kind stranger gave my daughter this dog to be her friend
and companion. His official name is "Legacy Custom Made". She called him "Gabriel". He is perfect for her - sits on her lap, sleeps on her bed, keeps her company.

Yesterday he had to have some dental work done. The bill came to $780. Yes.

Today a couple from church called and asked if we would let them cover Gabe's vet bills. (And didn't retract the offer when they heard how much it was yesterday!) God sent the dog. And then He sent the money to keep him.

I know  that the way God has finally made Himself known to us was on the cross, which event we remenber today. But, strangely enough, today it was through a little doggy, and the generosity of others, that He made Himself known to my heart.