Friday, April 25, 2008

To Regent College...

Well, I’m graduating. It has only taken me 12 years … 12 years of escaping from kids and work and ministry and driving up to Regent … 12 years of discovery of God, of myself, and of what I call my “dead friends” on the shelves of the library. Apart from the occasional jibes at my chosen occupation (I have been on the staff of Campus Crusade for Christ for 35 years. I hope that is balanced by the fact that my husband is in construction, a marketplace kind of guy, which Regent folks like), my experience at Regent has been one best described by … delight. I kept coming to Regent because it gave me such joy. I will never forget one day in my “Journey Through John” class when Dr. Rikk Watts said “Stand up! We have to sing!” in response to what we were reading … and that is just how I have felt, so many times.
So I want to thank everyone in the offices and library and bookstore, the custodians and the baristas, the TA’s and the professors and my fellow students - with the most heartfelt gratitude. My experience at Regent ranks as one of the best gifts of God in my life, right up there along with my family, my friends, and yes, Campus Crusade for Christ. People ask me, when they hear that I am (finally) getting my MCS, what I plan to do with it, and I have to say that I guess I will live with it … in the best sense of the word.