Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Prayer for Today

Well actually, MYprayer for today is HELP! But this one, from Great Souls at Prayer, says it better...

Almighty God, The Refuge of all who are distressed,
Grant unto us that, in all trouble of this our mortal life,
we may flee to the knowledge
of Thy lovingkindness and tender mercy;
That so, sheltering ourselves therein,
the storms of life may pass over us,
and not shake the peace of God that is within us.
Whatsoever this life may bring us,
grant that it may never take from us
the full faith that Thou art our Father.
Grant us thy light,
that we may have life through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Jocelyn said...

Hi friend. Just a new mom here. I read this blog post awhile ago, but can't get "sheltering ourselves therein" out of my head. Thanks for sharing.
I've been meaning to ask you if you'd recommend a couple of books to me, maybe especially to affirm and challenge me during this new season of my life. Not necessarily "mommy" books, but just ones that might offer something spiritually invigorating in this time of not much sleep and usually short moments (rather than long spans) with our dear Lord.

Carolyn Culbertson said...

Forgive me for taking so long to reply ... It is wise of you to be thinking about how your spiritual practices can be different now, and appropriate to this stage of life. A book that is helpful on that is Ruth Barton's Sacred Rythyms. The prayer is from Great Souls at Prayer (hard to find a copy - but available online at Google Books.) Those prayers teach me how to pray. If you haven't read the Imitation of Christ you might want to try that. It is the kind of thing that plants little time bombs in the mind - that go off some time later...
It was during the time my children were small that I first became aquainted with some of the spiritual classics. I can send you a reading list if you would like. God comes to us disguised as our life --- he will meet you in the mommy times in a new way.

Jocelyn said...

Thanks, Carolyn, for the recommends and for the encouragement. I would eat up any other recommended book list you might send me. God has already been coming to me "disguised as my life" and for His grace and new-every-morning mercies I am supremely thankful.